Financial institutions

We provide Financial Institutions with a complete offering, including strategic advisory and financing, asset & liability management and investment solutions. With a dedicated coverage team specialised in Financial Institutions and the sector’s strategic planning, we offer first-class execution services thanks to our renowned expertise in finding imaginative and tailor-made solutions to sophisticated needs.

Hedge Funds

With recognized expertise in alternative investments, we are a key partner for hedge fund managers.

Our dedicated alternative investment team is active in a wide range of markets, from fixed income and currencies to commodities and equities. With extensive market experience and a wealth of different backgrounds our team provides hedge fund managers with tailor made services through a wide range of asset classes.

    Asset Managers and Private Banks

    Whatever the asset class – government bonds, agencies, investment grade & high yield, currencies, equities, commodities or cross asset – we respond to the portfolio management needs of Asset Managers by providing global market information and trade ideas, market access and direct exposure to securities, short exposure, repo and yield optimisation, long positioning financing, portfolio diversification & protection and Alpha Generation.

    We provide dedicated structuring services specifically built for mutual funds. Building on mutual funds as underlying assets, our solutions provide additional characteristics for final investors, such as capital protection and exposure to the outperformance against a benchmark.

    Our presence in Hong Kong helps global asset managers to serve their investors in Asia better, thanks to local language capabilities and time-zone proximity.


    With a unique combination of industry experts and a comprehensive coverage set-up specialised in advisory, capital raising and global markets, we provide innovative cross-asset ALM solutions for banks.

    Our clients benefit from in-depth analysis from various experts, ranging from senior bankers and capital market experts to global market experts, who provide cutting-edge ALM modeling skills, supported by strong actuarial capabilities, trading floor risk analysis and pricing tools. We cover all asset classes such as: rates, credit, equity, commodities, hybrids, forex and tailor-made asset classes.

    Our solutions are designed to fit our clients’ needs in light of regulatory, accounting, and other business-related constraints.

      Retail Networks

      We have been working with retail networks for over 20 years and have developed cutting-edge expertise in advisory services, product innovation and marketing materials. Adaptable and tailor-made services include advice on effective sales pitches and marketing techniques for products, monitoring of market indicators relating to investment products and – when necessary – advise on arbitrage required to optimise performance.


        Societe Generale offers a wide range of services, from stake-building strategies to hedging and diversification, to meet the unique requirements of Sovereign Wealth Funds. Our senior professionals advise Sovereigns on how to meet their specific needs and execute important transactions.

        Pension Funds and Insurance Companies

        Our Pension funds and Insurance teams work closely with clients to develop strategic solutions that comply with the best accounting, regulatory and risk management practices. We recognise that these solutions must be sustainable and also meet the objectives of the relevant stakeholders. The teams provide advisory services as well as a wide range of relevant pension implementation services and products.

        We offer our clients access to our unique combination of pension, insurance and corporate finance expertise. Our relationships and in-depth knowledge of the insurance and pensions markets are instrumental in deriving the most (cost-) efficient solution available for each relevant jurisdiction and pension plan.