Diversity & Inclusion

At Societe Generale we aim to be a diverse workforce in an inclusive workplace with opportunity for the talents of all to create value, deliver an outstanding client experience and develop innovative solutions.

With strong support from senior management, we encourage a culture of openness and respect for all employees, and maintain an active dialogue at all levels to promote this culture.

Our diversity initiatives are carried out in a structured manner with an established Diversity Council which supports four employee-led diversity networks in the Asia-Pacific region. Based on our needs in the region, the networks focus on areas related to gender, culture, differently-abled and LGBT+. With the direction from the Council and Human Resources, the employee networks conceptualize and implement actions related to the enhancement of a diverse and inclusive culture in Societe Generale.

Promoting diversity within our teams

We see the diversity of our teams as an essential driver of engagement and performance vis a vis our clients, employees and the company. With focus on actions related to the four diversity and inclusions networks as stated above, we have made steady progress in terms of awareness amongst employees and specific actions to make Societe Generale an inclusive place for all employees.

Building team spirit together

Staff involvement has been salient in the progression of diversity & inclusion initiatives. We have been organizing several initiatives to raise the awareness of diversity & inclusion in the workplace. These initiatives have taken place in the form of training for employees, breakfast and lunch talks by internal and external speakers, participation in industry events and seminars, celebrating occasions or partnering with other financial institutions and companies to further promote a specific cause.

Diversity in action

In 2016, Societe Generale signed the Women’s Empowerment Principles under the United Nations Global Compact and the Global Business and Disability Charter of the International Labour Organization, demonstrating our determination to promote diversity within the workplace and in the community.

Societe Generale is also a signatory to the UN’s anti-LGBTI discrimination standards of conduct for business on 26 June 2018 in São Paulo. For the Bank, this means incorporating Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender and Intersex (LGBTI) matters into its overall anti-discrimination and diversity policy. It also means aiming to overcome bias and establishing an inclusive culture with respect for human rights.

In 2019, after having listened to feedback from employees, Societe Generale has also enhanced its family-friendly policies in Asia Pacific for our staff’s work-life balance and our commitment to diversity & inclusion. The following minimum standards were set across Asia Pacific:

  • Maternity leave at 20 weeks
  • Paternity and partner leave at 15 working days which applies to non-child bearing mother in a same-sex relationship
  • Adoption and child surrogacy leave is available to employees who become surrogate parents, whatever their gender and entitlements are aligned on Maternity and Paternity and partner leave.

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At Societe Generale, we firmly believe that diversity and inclusion are strategic factors, and one of the most valuable propositions that we provide to our clients and staff members.