Diversity and Inclusion

Join a diverse team where your differences are valued and respected.

We are a diverse workforce in an inclusive workplace with opportunity for the talents of all to create value and develop their full potential. 

Our goal is to nurture a culture devoted to the respect, recognition, and promotion of all talents, regardless of belief, age, disability, parental status, ethnic origin, nationality, gender identity, sexual orientation or social origin.

In Asia Pacific, our Diversity Council supports a culture of openness and respect for all employees in the region, at all levels within Societe Generale, and promotes this culture from recruitment to onboarding and promotion, including management, relations with stakeholders and internal communication.

Four employee-led networks actively support this culture, implementing diversity and inclusion initiatives and leading change on our areas of focus:  

Cultural diversity

Cultural Diversity

Cultural diversity is a driving force of development that brings us creativity and innovation, to better serve our clients and make a positive impact in our societies. We are committed to building an inclusive workplace where unique cultural perspectives and experiences are respected and valued. With over 60 nationalities, we are proud of our rich cultural diversity and the Cultural Diversity networks ensures we treasure this diversity through various activities and celebrations all year long.

SG For She

Gender equality

We are determined to accelerate our progress in gender equality and to build an inclusive environment where everyone can reach their potential without confronting limits or bias, be they conscious or unconscious.

Along with a goal of at least 30% of women in the Group’s management bodies by 2023, our action for gender equality is based on a variety of actions, including Talent Development and Executive Coaching programmes, employee policies and initiatives related to parental and family-friendly leave, flexible work, part-time and career break arrangements.

The Gender Equality Network partners with Human Resources and the senior management team to implement these actions and initiates regular events promoting gender equality at all levels of the organisation.  

Our commitment towards gender equality goes beyond creating an inclusive workplace. We support the #JamaisSansElles association and the Valley Bright Girls Programme. 

Pride and Allies

LGBT+ inclusion

We promote an inclusive environment for all employees regardless of their sexual orientation or gender identity, free from any discrimination, harassment or bullying. Our LGBT+ Network in Asia Pacific works along with Human Resources in the region to enhance LGBT+ inclusion, notably through employee policies and benefits. The “Pride and Allies” network members are active advocates, organising and joining events to promote LGBT+ rights and inclusion, such as Pride Month, Pink Friday and Pink Dot. 

We are proud to be recognised in the industry as a LGBT+ friendly organisation. In Hong Kong, we received a Gold Standard in the LGBT+ Inclusion Index 2021 by Community Business. In Japan, we obtained a Gold rating in the PRIDE Index 2021 by “work with Pride”.

Differently together

Differently abled

We believe in the unique ability of each individual. Our Differently Abled Network in Asia Pacific aims to advance awareness and inclusion for the differently abled, and their allies (including caregivers), notably by providing an accessible workplace or any other change required to adapt to special needs of our employees. The network and its members promote differently abled inclusion in our communities and society at large, with notably their participation in external events and advocacy on social media.

"Aligned with the Group's commitment to Diversity and Inclusion, we have embedded a D&I framework in our recruitment process and succession planning to ensure "the sky is open to everyone", regardless of your gender, sexual orientation, age, culture and professional backgrounds.

Mukta Arya
Chief Human Resources Officer, Asia Pacific