Equipment Finance

Societe Generale Equipment Finance: a solution provider for manufacturers and vendors beyond equipment finance

Our skilled local teams provide sales finance facilities adapted to the different needs of international manufacturers, distributors and corporate clients. Alongside our local staff we also have experienced international managers who can act as a single point of contact where needed. Across all the 35 countries in which we operate, our teams have in-depth industry and project knowledge in the Transportation, Industrial Equipment, Technology, and Healthcare & Green Energy markets.

Our business is well-balanced with a wide range of assets financed and strong product availability that supports the entire value chain from manufacturer to end user, to whom we offer an attractive range of tailor-made equipment finance solutions (Lease, Operating Lease, Receivables and Loans) as well as insurance for asset-financing needs. 

Sector focus

Industrial Equipment: Societe Generale Equipment Finance (SGEF) is an experienced and innovative partner able to finance the entire range of industrial equipment needed by customers looking to increase their productivity by acquiring new equipment or vendors looking to boost sales. This includes 3D Printing, Agriculture, Construction, Machine Tools and Materials Handling.

Transport: SGEF has a strong experience in financing transportation assets giving us unparalleled sector and asset-based expertise in Trucks, Trailers, Aviation and Buses. In Germany in particular, we have traditionally been one of the transport industry's major financing partners.

Technology: With over forty years of experience in this sector, SGEF is a global leader and a natural entry point for manufacturers looking for support to finance their sales. This includes Hardware & Devices, Office Equipment, Service Providers, Software and Telecoms.

Healthcare & Green Energy: SGEF brings value to public and private healthcare providers to help them purchase the latest healthcare technologies and services (Diagnostic Imaging, Specialised Medical Equipment, Healthcare Information Systems, Well-being Equipment). We also finance Green Energy to strengthening sustainable finance solutions from economic, social and environmental perspectives. This includes Energy Efficiency Structures, Environmental Assets, Lighting Solutions, Electric Vehicles Charging Structures and Electric Transportation. 

Our offer to Vendors

SGEF aims to establish long-term partnerships, built on mutual benefits. Accordingly, a broad offer of Vendor services and cooperation is available. Depending on our partners’ sales strategy, they can choose between various leasing services offered to their customers under their own brand, co-branding agreements or loose cooperation arrangements. They can also benefit from further SGEF services, such as individual sales promotion campaigns or accounting, collection and reporting services. Our finance partners have access to the Vendor Information Portal, a digital tool which allows them to view the performance of all their contracts with their clients across SGEF’s international network.

Our offer to Corporate and Professional customers

Thanks to the combined benefit of our local branches and the expertise of our multicultural staff, SGEF teams are able to understand and meet the individual needs and requirements of our local and international customers. Providing a wide range of services, we cover our clients’ needs in Leasing, Loans, Hire Purchase and Rental. Going further and because markets change and our clients’ requirements evolve, expecting more than simple financing or leasing solutions, we are continuously expanding our services to offer real added value for our clients and the assets we finance.

For more information, please visit the Societe Generale Equipment Finance website.