Societe Generale believes banks have a role to play to contribute to the positive transformations of societies. In the communities where we operate, charities play a vital role in bringing people together on causes which are making the world a better place. 

Among these many great causes, Societe Generale is committed to social inclusion. By focusing efforts on integration – whether through education, employment, training, culture or sport – Societe Generale believes that it is a powerful driver that can help everyone to find their place and simultaneously create a source of social innovation. 

We partner with several local charity organisations across the region to run fundraising and staff volunteering activities throughout the year as well as an annual charity challenge, Move For Youth. Learn more about the Group’s foundation.

2023 Impact Report for Asia Pacific

More than ever, we aim to contribute to the positive impact in the communities. With the support of the Group and the continued commitment of our staff, we are proud to have participated in the development of our partners’ youth education programmes.Impact report

In Asia Pacific, we are partnering with the following organisations:


Hong Kong



Mainland China

Singapore and Southeast Asia

South Korea