Mobility and Fleet Management

ALD Automotive

ALD Automotive - Leading the change in an evolving mobility environment

ALD Automotive is a global leader in mobility solutions providing full service vehicle leasing and fleet management services across 43 countries and managing 1.59 million vehicles worldwide.

Global coverage with a comprehensive product offering 

With the broadest coverage worldwide, we provide our 100,000+ corporate clients with total fleet management flexibility, from pure financing of vehicles to outsourcing operations, offering a comprehensive suite of tailored services. 

Our services include:

Full service leasing

We are able to address the whole value chain, from the acquisition and financing of vehicles to the resale of used vehicles at the end of the contract.

Our full service leasing product offering provides clients with the usage of a vehicle for a regular monthly lease payment covering financing, depreciation of the vehicle and the provision of various services, from maintenance to roadside assistance or insurance. This is a one-stop-shop solution driving simplification for our clients.

The benefits of full service leasing with ALD Automotive include improved productivity, no up-front cost, no hidden extras and no financial risk, as the residual value risk is borne by ALD Automotive.

Fleet management

Our fleet management product offering provides outsourcing solutions to clients who have decided to fund their vehicles and delegate the management to us. The client is charged for the various services provided in relation to the usage of the vehicles.

Fleet management from ALD Automotive provides our clients with all the advantages of professional support provision to outsource the operations of their fleet. The main difference is that the client is exposed to the risk of the resale value fluctuations of the vehicles they have funded and own.

Fleet consultancy

Our Fleet Consultancy services ensure that our fleet solutions match our clients’ needs in a rapidly changing environment. Our clients can tap into our extensive fleet services expertise and knowledge to design a fleet that meets their operational, financial and environmental objectives by:

  • Creating a tailored car policy
  • Maximizing cost efficiency for the lifetime of the fleet with a Total Cost of Ownership analysis
  • Measuring and minimizing the fleet carbon footprint
  • Benefiting from high quality service delivery

Driving sustainable commitments

ALD Automotive places sustainable mobility at the heart of its strategy and supports its corporate clients by providing eco-friendly fleets and mobility solutions whether it be to reduce fleet emissions, improve safety on the road or promote new mobility solutions. We place a particular focus on providing:

  • Advisory services to help clients reduce the environmental impact of their fleet. This involves conducting a needs analysis, measuring a fleet’s carbon footprint, improving client awareness on the benefits of alternative powertrains (battery electric vehicles, full hybrids, plug-in hybrids in particular), explaining local legal and fiscal restrictions and helping to initiate eco-driving programs.
  • Mobility solutions that will transform the use of the car into mobility as a service. ALD Automotive provides solutions such as corporate car sharing and car swapping services which provide alternatives in response to the gradual shift away from the “one user = one car” traditional model to more collaborative solutions.
  • Innovative services through strategic partnerships as the transition to alternative powertrains requires partnering with key energy providers. ALD Automotive has signed a number of partnerships to collectively launch new electrified mobility solutions which combine driving electric vehicles and charging facilities.

At end 30 June 2018, ALD Automotive’s alternative fleet amounted to 84,000 vehicles (electric vehicles, plug-in hybrid electric vehicles, hybrid electric vehicles) under management.

Leading in innovation and technology

In the coming years, our ambition is to be at the forefront of industry changes that are transforming the mobility sector. There will clearly be a lot of opportunities around connected cars, autonomous vehicles, electric cars and the capacity of manufacturers to adapt their production to meet demand. There is also a new long term social trend away from the ownership of vehicles towards the usage of vehicles with more flexibility. These social trends are thus contributing to higher demand for outsourced mobility solutions.

We are continually building a comprehensive mobility offering for our clients, whether it be through flexible leasing solutions, corporate car sharing, pay-as-you-go options or multi-modal alternatives.

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