Global Markets

High quality investment and risk management solutions. Gain a performance edge through our value-added services and solutions:

•    Equities & equity derivatives: We offer a unique flow and exotic derivatives expertise combined with strong execution capacities. We support clients of all types through our global platform in cash equity markets and listed derivatives.
•    Fixed income & currencies: We service the real economy and aim to build together with our clients, a better and sustainable future through responsible and innovative hedging, financing and investments solutions across FX, rates and credit.
•    Prime services & clearing: The prime services and clearing department at Societe Generale provides cross-asset solutions for asset managers, hedge funds, professional trading groups, banks, brokers and corporates.
•    Quantitative investment strategies: Capitalising on our unique quant edge, we provide a wide range of systematic investment & hedging strategies.
•    Cross Asset Research: Operating at the heart of Societe Generale's Corporate & Investment Banking market activities, the Cross Asset Research team provides global multi-asset coverage through an array of publications and analytical tools
•    Cross asset solutions: Your direct access to a true cross asset platform with outstanding financial engineering capabilities.
•    SG Markets: Leverage the full power of Societe Generale's proprietary analysis and data from your own system, including our Analytics & Data services

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