Societe Generale leverages its extensive network to support Chinese corporate going abroad


New China desk opens in group headquarters in Paris

Societe Generale hosted the 2016 Corporate Seminar in Beijing on Oct 25, with the theme of “Going Overseas amidst the New Normal” with more than 100 corporate clients attending the event. This is the fourth year since Societe Generale has been organizing a series of seminars and workshops in China to promote and support Chinese corporates to “go overseas”.

This year, the Corporate Seminar focused on the growing trend of Chinese corporates investing abroad, amidst the uncertainties surrounding the Chinese and global economy. Bringing together a number of industry experts and internal speakers, the seminar explored the political drivers and business imperatives for Chinese corporates to venture overseas, addressing the key challenges while offering insights on possible solutions.

Over the years, Societe Generale has been strengthening its global coverage of Chinese corporates by creating China Desks in countries where the bank has a strong presence, with an aim to better serve them internationally by leveraging its international network and experience. A dedicated China-Africa Business division was established in Paris three years ago with China Desks (with Chinese-speaking relationship managers) also set up in Congo and Cameroon.  The bank also strengthened its client coverage teams in Brazil, Eastern and Western Europe, Hong Kong, Russia and Singapore where there is a strong presence of Chinese corporates to support their local activities.

Societe Generale today also announced the creation of a China Desk in Paris to provide efficient coverage of Chinese corporates in France. The newly-created China Desk works closely with Societe Generale China to identify the needs of Chinese corporates and support them with a variety of services available in France, from Merger & Acquisition, Acquisition Financing as well as access to the global capital markets, account opening, specialized financial services and daily retail banking solutions. The growing interest of Chinese investors in France opens the door for these investors into the French Network of the bank which is present in Asia Pacific, Africa, China, Europe, Russia and the rest of the world.