2015 Risk Institutional Investor Rankings


In the 2015 Risk Institutional Investor Rankings, Societe Generale Corporate & Investment Banking has maintained its first positions in every single equity derivative category which confirms our leadership and expertise in this area for the 7th consecutive year.

In recognition of the quality of our advisory services and as a sign of increasing recognition in the market for our strong value-added approach, Societe Generale was voted #1 for Best Risk Management Advice (from #3 in 2014).

Our FIC platform was also successful by maintaining or improving its ranking in 12 of the 13 FIC categories, notably gaining places in the Overall Rates, Credit and FX categories. The poll was conducted among over 890 clients - the largest number of clients ever polled.

2015 Risk Institutional Investor Rankings

Societe Generale20152014
Overall Dealer66
Equity Products - Overall11
OTC single-stock equity options11
Equity index options11
Best Risk Management Advice13
Interest Rate Products - Overall67
Interest rate swaps66
Interest rate options67
Repurchase agreements75
Exotic interest rate products810
Forex Products - Overall9**
Forex swaps89
Forex options8**
Forex forwards10**
Forex exotics1010
Credit Products7**

*Not in 2014 rankings;  ** SG not ranked in Top 10 in 2014