Top 3 members – Equity Derivatives Institutional Clients by The National Stock Exchange of India


Societe Generale India has been named as one of the three ‘Top Members – Equity Derivatives Institutional Clients’ by the National Stock Exchange (NSE) on its silver jubilee celebration of the Nifty 50 Index and 20 years of launching derivatives in Indian capital markets.

This award is an affirmation of trust bestowed on us by our institutional clients whom we have been catering to for 25 years in India and has several first ones to its offering in terms of services specific to India market. 

The key to this achievement has been the continued commitments by our teams in responding to the dynamic needs of our clientele with systemic and single window offerings in derivatives trade. Another key contributor for success has been our strong understanding of this segment, which helps us provide deeper insights into market flows to our clients, and ensure they remain competitive even in challenging markets.

We look forward to many such exciting moments in the time to come.