(Last updated: 11 Jul 2024)

It has come to our attention that unauthorised parties have made use of our Bank’s name and logo on fraudulent websites 001("台灣興業證券"), social media accounts on LINE and Facebook platforms, as well as “興業Online” / “ILSOL” mobile app. 

Societe Generale has no connection with this website and "台灣興業證券". We have reported this matter to the local Police. Please note tw.warrants.com and societegenerale.asia are the only official websites in Taiwan and Asia Pacific. 

SG Securities Taipei has no Facebook page nor presence on LINE. Please do not disclose any personal or other information to the fraudulent website and social media accounts.

Please call SG Securities Taipei customer service hotline +886-2-2175 0818 or email us on taiwan@warrants.com for enquiries. 

If you think you or someone you know has been scammed, please report to National Police Agency, Ministry of the Interior (Taiwan) by calling 165 anti-fraud hotline or report to Xin Yi Precinct of the Taipei City Police Department. If you are outside Taiwan, please report via https://165.npa.gov.tw.