Deputy Head of FX Sales Asia

I am the Deputy Head of FX Asia, running the FX sales teams across the region.

In short, I am responsible for the sales and marketing of FX Flow and Structured products to various distribution channels, for example private banks, discretionary portfolio managers, family offices and also other banks needing FX coverage.
I’m proud to develop our semi-exotic products on the Forex market in Asia Pacific. We are a small team but we are growing rapidly. It’s very exciting to be able to build it.

The working culture is very professional and based on high standards.

Colleagues support each other and we work closely together to reach our common goals. Everyone here has a very strong technical background and clearly knows their subjects well.

We’re highly specialized technologists and it is very pleasant, although sometimes challenging, to work with bright people. I really like the fact that we are not only thinking from an individualistic point of view, but have a truly collaborative approach. This is really essential here.

“Our footprint and P&L in Asia Pacific are growing  consistently. Within the boundaries of our regulatory environment we are very strong at taking market opportunities.” 

At Societe Generale, we emphasise team work.

You really need to think about it as working as one team. Collaboration with other teams and departments, transversal projects and sharing knowledge happen on a daily basis.

When you are applying for a position at Societe Generale, you need to see behind the job description and define what you want to achieve here and how you’re going to achieve this. Make sure you do your research and understand the different activities of Societe Generale in the region and globally. This will give you an insight in the strengths of the bank and how it can contribute to your career.

“I aim to develop our Forex activities to reach the top 3 in the Asia Pacific region” 

 I am working in a new business line, so there are lots of opportunities for growing the business and building on my own career.

Of course I have my objectives to achieve, but I have the support from colleagues from all the departments.
Knowledge and education are key to building relationships with clients and I am grateful to be able to benefit from Societe Generale’s brand name and its recognition in the market to help me. I aim to develop our Forex activities to reach the top 3 in the Asia Pacific region and build an even stronger team.