Asset Management

Our French-based subsidiary Lyxor Asset Management offers asset management and investment solutions, delivering sustainable performance solutions to institutional investors, combining transparency, liquidity and flexibility. Supported by an enhanced risk management culture, strong research teams and leading innovation capabilities, Lyxor’s investment specialists strive to optimise performance and risks across all asset classes. With over 600 professionals worldwide, Lyxor manages more than USD 122 billion* of assets (as of March 31st 2015) across four areas of expertise: ETFs and indexing, Alternative, Structured, and Active Quantitative & Specialised Investments.

* USD 122 bn - Equivalent to EUR 112.9bn

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In India, Societe Generale partners with State Bank of India in SBI Mutual Fund, one of the largest mutual fund companies in the country. It develops savings solutions to meet the needs of more than six million retail customers in India and proposes tailor-made investment management capacities to domestic and foreign institutional investors.