Another Successful Year at Societe Generale’s Asian Insurance Forum


The Asian Insurance Forum is an annual symposium hosted by Societe Generale in association with Asia Risk to address the latest developments and challenges faced by the insurance industry in Asia Pacific.

Societe Generale is pleased to run its 13th edition of Asian Insurance Forum with a half-day virtual webinar featuring insightful content on economic and market outlook, strategies on balance sheet optimisation, ESG integration and various investment, financing and hedging solutions for insurance companies.

The market environment this year has been a challenging one – rising inflation and interest rates, slowing economic growth, volatility in rates and geopolitical tensions – these uncertainties have forced investors to review and readjust their portfolio allocation in response to these correlation changes.

One central theme emerged from the webinar – investors should go beyond traditional asset classes and seek relevant hedging strategy, in addition to diversifying their portfolio, to protect themselves and seize opportunities in a much more volatile and uncertain environment.

Societe Generale’s market activities are renowned for their industry leading structuring and innovation capabilities, bringing together equities, fixed income, currencies, commodities and funds structuring capabilities to provide clients with a single multi-asset market solutions approach.

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