The 25 years journey of Societe Generale Securities India to become a market leader in the derivatives trade


February 2022 marks the quadranscentennial year of Societe Generale Securities India (SGSI).

In this journey of 25 years of operation, SGSI brings pride in being the undisputed market leader holding the number 1 position for derivatives trades on the largest stock exchange of the world, National Stock Exchange of India (NSE). This recognition is an affirmation of trust bestowed on SGSI by the institutional clients who have been at the heart of the organisation for 25 years in India.

Recently, the platform has also achieved a milestone transaction volume of 2.5 million execution lines from just over 2,50,000 lines the same time previous year. The honour of achieving this boundless success can only be attributed to the vision of global and regional management, technical knowledge of local teams which has immensely contributed through their hard work, commitment, and perseverance on the ground over the years.

In India, SGSI has strong market access capabilities, and is committed to increasing footprint across the country. Clients will continue to be at the core of the strategy of SGSI and the aim is to embrace the strategy of growth and diversification by growing presence with local clients and expanding product offerings in the region.