Software development innovations at Societe Generale


Societe Generale's Agile and Continuous Delivery approaches highlighted at Regional Scrum Gathering in Bangalore.

On 5-6 June, the Regional Scrum Gathering 2015 took place in Bangalore, India's Silicon city. Organized by the Scrum Alliance, the organization providing the globally recognized Certified Scrum Master™ certification, the event is a premium conference aimed at bringing together Agile practitioners and organizations from over eighteen countries across Asia.

Arvind Rathore, Chief Operating Officer, Information Technology, at Societe Generale, was invited as a guest keynote speaker to share his views on Societe Generale' Agile and Continuous Delivery methodologies.

Arvind, could you please explain what is Agile, and what is Continuous Delivery?
In brief, Agile is an iterative and incremental approach for getting your services and products in the market sooner. This helps us to provide better value to the customers. The Agile approach is more about mindset, customer collaboration and teamwork as it is about process.

Continuous Delivery is a set of practices like Agile Engineering (BDD, TDD, CI, Refactoring) and Devops, built on top of the Agile process, that take agility to the next level. Continuous Delivery helps organizations become lean and agile and function like startups. This is achieved by having more frequent and low-risk releases in small batches enabled by Continuous Integration and automated testing. I gave an explanatory speech on Societe Generale's Agile and Continuous Delivery journey which was very well received by the audience. Some just started on their journey where others are already very experienced.

Why do you advocate using the Agile transformation methodology within Societe Generale?
In my speech I presented the overview of this transformation process as well as the reasons leading us to use the Agile transformation methodology. Let me list a few. Today we are not only competing with our traditional competitors, like other banks, but also with companies like Google, Apple, Facebook, Amazon and many others.  In this scenario the question is: how do we respond to the market needs faster and bring value to our business? That's where Agile and Continuous Delivery are best suited to help us.

What are the important points to consider while implementing these processes?
You need to consider some critical success factors for any Agile transformation – it's not only the process change but also the mindset and culture changes, from command and control to collaboration, total commitment across the organization and involvement of the business lines. It's one thing to transform and implement these methodologies, but another to sustain the changes done. Special attention needs to be given to sustaining the change over time.

For more information about the Regional Scrum Gathering Conferences, please visit: www.scrumalliance.org