Quarterly Financial Information, Q1 2017

Q1 17: Good Commercial and financial performance from core businesses

  • Net banking income for the businesses of EUR 6,518m (+4.0% vs. Q1 16) driven by the growth in International Retail Banking & Financial Services and Global Banking & Investor Solutions.

  • Book net banking income of EUR 6,474m, up +4.8% vs. Q1 16.
    Operating expenses reflecting the growth of the businesses and investments in the transformation of French Retail Banking, +2.6%(1) vs. Q1 16 (+1.4%*(1)).

  • Commercial cost of risk(2) of 24bp in Q1 17 (46bp in Q1 16) reflecting the improvement in the Group’s risk profile.

  • Net cost of risk including an additional allocation to provision for disputes of EUR 350m. Announcement today of a settlement, after the Q1 Board review of the accounts, regarding the civil dispute opposing Societe Generale and the Libyan Investment Authority (LIA) relating to transactions dating back to 2007.

  • Book Group net income of EUR 747m in Q1 17 (EUR 924m in Q1 16).

  • Underlying Group net income(3) of EUR 1,392m in Q1 17 (EUR 928m in Q1 16, +50.0%).

  • ROE(3) of 10.5% in Q1 17 (7.1% in Q1 16)