Michèle Thill's expertise on the ASEAN Mission


As current Head of Front Office and Financing Projects - International Banking and Financing Services, Michèle Thill was previously Head of Marketing - International Trade at Societe Generale.

With a desire to share her expertise, Michèle Thill wanted to be there for the entrepreneurs during the Industry-Infrastructure Mission of Excellence.

Why would an entrepreneur dare to go global?

First off, for the economic aspect: the markets in Asia have high growth rates (5.5% for Singapore). In addition, French products are perfectly suited to the international market.
Because of their leadership position on the market, BPI, Business France, and Societe Generale will secure the companies' globalisation process, with their support and supervision. In normal times, it is more prudent to move forward in phases: begin your globalisation on local markets, but most importantly, build your international strategy; don't just act when the occasion arises. You have to know how to position yourself and your product on the new market you're considering.
Daring to globalise your company requires proper support, a trusted entourage, and a never-ending search for expertise.

This mission will be a success if...

The mission is already very promising!
First, because of the exchanges upstream of this mission between entrepreneurs and Business France. This latter's expertise provided the local view of these markets and helped in planning meetings for all entrepreneurs involved.
In addition, the 16 companies have products suited to the target markets (Singapore and Malaysia), and those markets are demanding these products!
So we’ve got all of the conditions for success in this mission: the entrepreneurs who are here know that if they grow it’s going to be internationally, so they will take their advantages and lessons from this mission.

Societe Generale, a leader in international trade

  • "Best Trade Finance Bank in France" by Global Finance Magazine (2015-2016)
  • The CSA survey confirms the Bank's position as being recognised for customer
    service, with the highest penetration rate among the top French exporting companies (2015)

Societe Generale is active in the ASEAN zone and relies on the local skills of Business France, guidance, and partnership with BPI France for the smooth operation of this mission.