For the love of the game


Societe Generale has been associated with rugby for nearly three decades

In India, the Bank is a partner of The Rugby Slums Club in Chennai. Through this collaboration, Societe Generale has been providing rugby training for children from underprivileged backgrounds for the past 3 months. Many local employees have been actively involved with the initiative, volunteering their time to share the spirit of rugby with the children. On 3 April, a training session was held by professional players from the Rugby Slums Club. Societe Generale’s volunteers also distributed 40 jerseys to the children present.

Rugby is growing to be a much loved sport in India, but to the children in Chennai, it's much more than that - it offers a means to leave their troubles behind. Thanks to rugby, the talented children are learning to channel their energy into something that keeps them fit and teaches them the important lesson of team work!

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