2022 Asia Pacific Positive Impact Conference kicked off in Singapore


Leading the transition to a sustainable future

Societe Generale hosted the first of its Asia Pacific Positive Impact Conference series in Singapore on 12 May. Themed ‘Leading the transition to a sustainable future’, the series of events aims to showcase how companies integrate positive impact into their businesses and value chains, and the role financial institutions play in supporting them through this journey.


The objective of this conference is to share these years of experience so that we all progress collectively in our understanding of the stakes, and of the avenues we have to explore collectively. We are deeply convinced that all businesses, all industry sectors will have to become ESG by design and that there will no longer be two separate words - one without ESG and one with - but rather one universal way of integrating ESG.

Cecile Bartenieff
Chief Executive Officer, Asia Pacific, Societe Generale

Cecile Bartenieff, Chief Executive Officer, Asia Pacific, Societe Generale

The Singapore edition, held in-person and livestreamed across the Asia Pacific region, brought together business leaders, industry experts including:

  • Bey An Lim, Head, Sustainability Office, Monetary Authority of Singapore
  • Daniel Purba, Senior Vice President, Strategy & Investment, PT Pertamina (Persero) 
  • De Rui Wong, Vice President, Total Portfolio Sustainable Investing, Economics & Investment Strategy, GIC
  • Thomas Baudlot, Chief Executive Officer APAC, Country Head South East Asia, ENGIE
  • Lawrence Wu, Co-Founder and Chief Financial Officer, Sunseap Group Pte Ltd
  • Pierre Lelong, Director, Enea Consulting Singapore
  • Stephan Jansma, Chief Financial Officer, Asia Pacific, Trafigura Group Pte Ltd
  • Stephanie Clement de Givry, Head of Global Banking and Advisory, Asia Pacific, Societe Generale
  • Yasmine Djeddai, Head of Sustainable Finance, Asia Pacific, Societe Generale

Panel discussion at Asia Pacific Positive Impact Conference

Through a mix of panel discussions and presentations throughout the day, the speakers covered a range of key topics related to the sustainability landscape in ASEAN and the broader Asia Pacific region including: 

  • Accelerating Asia Pacific's Energy Transition
  • ESG investing and portfolio decarbonization
  • Overview of the Sustainable Trade Finance market
  • Race to a low carbon economy
  • Innovation in the Sustainable Bond market
  • Navigating ASEAN's ESG regulatory landscape

The conference series continues with the next event in Japan on 2 June, followed by India, Taiwan, Australia, mainland China, South Korea and Hong Kong. The last event in Hong Kong will join as part of the 2022 Global Positive Impact Week.

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