Work in a diverse, international workplace

Join a talented team. Founded in 1864, we have been playing a vital role in the economy for over 150 years. With more than 133,000 employees based in 61 countries worldwide, we are a truly global company, accompanying 30 million clients throughout the world on a daily basis.

With our regional headquarters in Hong Kong, we operate in 12 locations across the Asia Pacific region, employing over 11,000 employees*. Here, you can evolve in a diverse, international workplace with numerous career prospects, often giving you the possibility to collaborate with colleagues from all over the world and work on projects across geographies.
*As per October 2021

Internal mobility

Internal mobility is a great opportunity to build-up your experience and expanding your skills. Many of our colleagues joined Societe Generale for the diversity of career paths we offer. Each year, thousands of them are being offered new professional challenges and opportunities to grow, by moving from one position to another in the Group, across functions, businesses and geographies.

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Work in a culture in which you can thrive

We foster a corporate spirit based on entrepreneurship, innovation and responsibility. Therefore we provide as much as possible autonomy to our teams, enabling you to develop your skills, competences and capabilities. Our employees in the Asia Pacific region regard Societe Generale as a people-oriented and respectful organisation and see culture and mind-set as a real asset. We strive to maintain a working community that enables relationships based on trust, mutual respect and closeness, where everybody – in all their diversity – is being treated with respect and fairness, and where everybody gets the opportunity to develop his or her skills.

A diverse workforce in an inclusive workplace

At Societe Generale we firmly believe that diversity is one of the most valuable propositions that we provide to our clients, shareholders and staff. That is why we work to promote diversity, equality and inclusion at every level of our organisation. Our Asia Pacific Diversity Charter is aligned to our Group's mission to be a diverse workforce in an inclusive workplace, with opportunities for the talents of all to create value, and to deliver an outstanding client experience and develop innovative solutions.

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Drive your success

The success of our Group depends on the men and women who work in it. Performance evaluation offers each Societe Generale employee the same opportunity to develop their skills and career.

The fact that we have created a single evaluation process shared by the entire Group shows the importance that we place in this key step in employee development. It is part of the managerial cycle, as it is closely linked to the detection of strategic talents, as well as development and recognition actions.

Key phases are objective setting, regular feedback, evaluation and annual compensation review.