Meet our people

Hikaru Ogata, Chief Executive Officer Asia Pacific

“Because relationships are at the heart of how we operate, Societe Generale is committed to strengthening bonds with people: with clients, with the communities in which we operate, and most certainly with the colleagues we work with.”

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Wei Yao, Chief China Economist

“After spending four years in the regional office in Hong Kong, I have been offered the possibility to move to our headquarters in Paris.”

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Danny Chong, Deputy Head of FX Sales Asia

“Within the boundaries of our regulatory environment we are very strong at taking market opportunities.”

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Kelvinder Singh, Associate, Metals and Mining Finance

“At Societe Generale, we conduct our business in a dynamic, high-octane, diverse and international workplace. And we have the scale: this is a truly global company.”

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Jean-Baptiste Faivre, Chief Information Officer Japan

“Societe Generale is giving its employees room to move to other businesses or countries.”

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Andrew Ferris, Graduate Analyst at Global Markets

“The benefit of working in a diverse workplace is observing the way in which everyone approaches tasks in different ways. It’s good to be able to identify what works well for you and what doesn’t.”