A conversation with Andrew Ferris

Societe Generale has been supporting rugby since 1987 through a number of partnerships. In Australia, we are the sponsor of the Eastern Suburbs District RUFC in Sydney, which is the country's oldest District Rugby Club. And the commitment to the rugby goes beyond the sports. Through the rugby connection, Andrew Ferris who played at Easts Rugby and now at Hong Kong Valley RFC, joined Global Markets in Hong Kong.

I am a Graduate Analyst at Global Markets in Hong Kong.

I currently work in the Equity Derivatives flow sales team, joined Societe Generale as a graduate analyst in 2017, having worked in the Engineering marketing team during my first rotation, before moving into my current second rotation.

How did you get connected with Societe Generale?

I was looking for opportunities in the investment banking space and I saw the internship advertised by our careers mentor in Eastern Rugby Club (Sydney) where I was playing. So I reached out to Toby Lawson, Head of Global Markets in Australia who I met there and enquired if there were any permanent junior roles within the bank. He explained that they were looking to pilot the graduate analyst program here in Hong Kong. I applied for it and was successful.

How did you find the job so far?

The environment here is fantastic for a junior, the people are extremely knowledgeable, but more importantly they are all willing to share their experiences and advices. This has allowed for a smooth transition and integration into the different teams and helped me to learn as much as possible.

The benefit of working in a diverse workplace is observing the way in which everyone approaches tasks differently. It’s good to be able to identify what works well for you and what doesn’t.

How do you juggle between rugby training and working?

Work life balance is key. We train three evenings a week, play our matches on weekends as well as other individual training sessions in the morning. It may seem like a big commitment but being active is definitely helpful in allowing me to approach work with a clear mind.

I was transparent and open with both my managers at Societe Generale and my rugby coaches. They understand that my priority is with work, and they have been very good about this. Societe Generale advocates work life balance which I have found to be a definite advantage of working here.

No matter how talented you are on the sports field or in the office, if you can’t interact and work with people, you will never achieve your full potential.

What is the connection between rugby and Societe Generale for you?

Three things. Teamwork – no matter how talented you are on the sports field or in the office, if you can’t interact and work with people, you will never achieve your full potential.

Secondly, the training and playing obviously requires a lot of discipline and commitment, that’s very much the same at work. To be successful, whatever you do in the office or on the field you continually work hard and challenge yourself to be better.

Finally, accountability and responsibility. No matter what aspect of your life it involves, if you make a mistake it’s important to be accountable for your actions.