Diversity & Inclusion: LGBT+ in Hong Kong

At Societe Generale we aim to be a diverse workforce in an inclusive workplace. We encourage a culture of openness and respect for all employees and maintain an active dialogue at all levels to promote this culture. Our diversity initiatives in the Asia-Pacific region focus on areas related to gender, culture, differently-abled and LGBT+.

LGBT+ specific actions

Employee Benefits and HR Policies

  • Equal Opportunities Policy with detailed LGBT+ anti-discrimination provisions
  • Recognition of overseas same-sex marriages and civil partnerships, of domestic partnerships of the same sex and of rainbow families (families consisting same sex parents with with dependent children)
  • Paternity and Partner leave is available to the non-child bearing mother in a same-sex relationship
  • Adoption and Child Surrogacy leave available to all parents, regardless of their gender.
  • Subsidised sexual health check-ups and vaccinations: hepatitis A and B or HPV
  • Medical insurances cover for HIV/AIDS including as a pre-existing condition
  • Significant contribution by one of Societe Generale’s medical insurers in Hong Kong to gender transition, including surgery
  • Gender neutral restrooms on each office floor in Hong Kong

Advocacy of Public Policies

  • Adoption of the UN’s anti-LGBTI discrimination standards of conduct for business
  • Signatory of the Equal Opportunities Commission / Chinese University statement calling for the introduction of LGBT+ anti-discrimination legislation in Hong Kong
  • One of the 12 original financial institutions supporting the QT case through the Hong Kong Court of Appeal and Court of Final Appeal
  • Member of the Hong Kong Interbank Forum

Community Affairs and Staff Engagement

  • Participation in events including Pink Dot, Pride Parade, Queer Straight Alliance’s Inclusion recruitment conference in Hong Kong
  • Participation in the Community Business LGBT+ index (bronze in 2017 and gold in 2019 with a recognition award for our “most improved” index participant status)
  • Talks and trainings for staff and managers on LGBT+ subjects such as coming-out, the business case for LGBT+ equality or the landscape of LGBT+ rights in Asia
  • Establishment of a LGBT+ Allies community within the company

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