Interns and trainees can join our ‘GeneratioNext’ programme, during which they get all the information needed to start well within the team, as well as advice and tips to build a perfect career plan. Interns and trainees can also interact with their peers globally via social networking communities and events.

Here the objectives are to develop the skills of our interns, trainees, and VIEs and enhance their understanding of the Societe Generale Group, to encourage them to prolong their relationship with the Bank once their assignment is complete. This is done through four main pillars: induction, networking, discovery of the bank and career advisory.

In order to prepare the future of the Group, and in line with Societe Generale Group’s policies, recruitment of juniors is vital. The GeneratioNext programme supports managers and HR teams in stepping-up junior recruitment efforts. In 2014 alone, 70% of external recruitment globally was done on junior levels, reflecting our ambition to prepare future leaders for all its business lines and financial markets.

The GeneratioNext programme in particular helps to give priority to our best interns, trainees and VIEs when it comes to recruitment of juniors.
We believe it is essential to make the best use of the talents we know and have trained. In 2014, for the first time, more than half of the recruitment of recent graduates came from this internal pool globally. In Asia Pacific, that number was 52%.

And finally, this programme clearly position Societe Generale as an employer of choice on the graduate recruitment market, making us stand-out from our competitors – and not just banks – and respond to this generation’s expectations.

For more information about this programme, please visit: careers.societegenerale.com

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