Graduate Analyst, Hong Kong

Societe Generale offers a two-year Graduate Program to final year university students and recent graduates to kick off their career. During the two-year program, an intensive and comprehensive talent management approach will be adopted to develop the candidate’s skills and professional expertise. After successful completion of the program, graduates will be on track for more responsibilities and career opportunities. They will be integrated into a specific team within the bank which corresponds the best with their profile. Rachel Ramachandran, who joined the programme in 2018 in Hong Kong, shared her experience.

''I am given access to a myriad of resources - through the mentorship and buddy system, with great support and guidance since I started my journey at Societe Generale.''

What are your career aspirations and why did you apply for this program? How do you think the programme will help develop your career?

I always have had an interest in financial markets but what really attracted me the most, is the amount of exposure this program offers in the job rotations. Not only you are given the opportunity to work within the different arms of a business, but also invaluable opportunities to learn more about yourself along the way, and determine the direction of your career. 

How was your experience during the selection and onboarding phases? 

While moving to a new country and starting a new (first) job comes with its own set of nerves, I could still feel a strong sense of comfort and inclusion right from the onset.
The active involvement of the HR team, upper management and the many opportunities to interact with them - from the selection phase, to the pre-joining events, and even throughout the program – speaks multitudes about Societe Generale’s commitment to the program. Having been able to find friendship and support amongst the fellow graduates as well has been a key part of the experience. 

How did you find the culture in Societe Generale? What’s it like to be working here and how is your interaction with other colleagues?

I believe part of Societe Generale’s culture can be attributed to the nature of the business - where things tend to move fast, and everyone is focused on getting the job done, and done right at that. There is also a strong sense of collaboration and mutual respect that I have seen and experienced here, as well as a commitment to continually improve and innovate. Being able to work with people that are not only passionate about what they do, but also as invested in your learning and personal development as you are, is truly an indelible experience. I am grateful to be able to work alongside such colleagues. There are also many opportunities to meet people from different parts of the Bank, outside of your daily routines and interactions. 

What have you learnt in the program so far? 

Aside from the on-the-job training I received from the many brilliant and experienced colleagues and mentors here, I have also taken trainings focused on technical skills like excel and financial markets, as well as soft skills like effective communication. I am given access to a myriad of resources - through the mentorship and buddy system, I have received great support and guidance since I started my journey at Societe Generale.