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Rugby World Cup 2019

Societe Generale is the Rugby World Cup 2019 Worldwide Partner and Official Bank, because we love sport and rugby.

Emblematic players, unforgettable moments, rival spectators each as passionate as the next... Rugby World Cup 2019 is coming to Asia for the first time! The tournament will be held in Japan from 20 September to 2 November 2019. Societe Generale has been committed to rugby since 1987 and will share in the emotions of Rugby World Cup 2019 as a Worldwide Partner and Official Bank of the event, because we love rugby.

Societe Generale and rugby have grown steadily alongside one another with support that started from the grassroots in 1987 and has since developed into a fully fledged international partnership at the highest level. A key supporter of rugby for over 30 years, Societe Generale shares the sport's values of team spirit and commitment, making the bank a natural partner for the Rugby World Cup.

RWC2019 fixtures revealed

Once in a lifetime to witness RWC in Japan.
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Jonny Wilkinson with Societe Generale

Two years to RWC 2019: Jonny Wilkinson’s view

As the countdown to Rugby World Cup 2019 in Japan continues, the record points scorer in the competition’s history looks ahead to the big tournament. Read more >>


Sharing Values

Frédéric Oudéa, Societe Generale Chief Executive Officer

“Societe Generale reinforces a longstanding commitment to rugby and demonstrates the Group's forward-looking ambition to be a supporter of all forms of rugby, all around the world. Rugby embodies values that are rooted in Societe Generale's DNA: team spirit and commitment, and seeking new challenges and enjoying working together. That's why rugby continues to inspire us.”


Hikaru Ogata, Societe Generale Chief Executive Officer, Asia Pacific

“Our partnership with Rugby World Cup 2019 is a great opportunity to raise the profile of Societe Generale in Japan, where we have a presence of over 40 years. We look forward to celebrating many moments of emotion with all rugby fans.”




Press release: Societe Generale: Worldwide Partner and Official Bank of Rugby World Cup 2019 in Japan

Infographic: Timeline of our historic commitment to rugby