Charity Partners in Asia

The Asia Pacific Bike Ride is an international charity event dedicated to raise funds and awareness for our local charity partners in Asia.

Our employees from across the region participate in the Asia Pacific Bike Ride, a two-day cycling event held in a different Asian country. Participants support community-activities back home by raising funds for their local charity partners.

Our network of Corporate Social Responsibility Ambassadors liaises with our local charity partners, which are carefully chosen for their work in the areas of education, welfare and well-being.

In Asia, we are partnering with the following organisations:


Adream is a charitable foundation initiated and run by former senior management from financial institutions and listed companies. Adream’s mission is to promote fair education opportunities in China, in particular for children living in remote rural areas.

Hong Kong

HKRU Community Foundation was established in March 2013 with the aim of providing a separate identifiable vehicle to manage the HKRU's charitable activities. This was done to achieve the dual objectives of promoting the positive influence the HKRU has on the community and encouraging corporate and social responsibility funds to assist in these programmes to allow their continuation and expansion.
Hans Andersen Club Limited (HAC) is a pioneer on promoting creative storytelling and reading activities. Established in 1963, HAC got six centres located at Quarry Bay, Wong Tai Sin, Lamma Island and Lantau Island, serving more than 100,000 people every year. Storytellers of HAC served over 200 schools and libraries in recent years. HAC takes underprivileged children & families as our service target and purport to provide adequate trainings and readily accessible resources on storytelling. The Club’s goal is to enable children to enjoy a holistic development and to adapt to a knowledge based society.


The Akanksha Foundation is a non-profit organisation with a mission to provide children from low-income communities with a high-quality education, enabling them to maximise their potential and transform their lives. Akanksha works in the field of education, initiating school reform through The School Project, and providing a supplemental education through the Akanksha center.
Since 1997, Aseema Charitable Trust, a Mumbai-based non-governmental organization, has been working with the vulnerable section of the society – children living in slum communities in Mumbai and remote tribal communities in Igatpuri, Maharashtra.

Aseema’s mission is to equip children from marginalized communities with high quality, value based education enabling development of their limitless potential. In Mumbai, Aseema works in partnership with the Municipal Corporation of Greater Mumbai(MCGM) to create centres of excellence within the public education system. In addition to academics, the children enjoy a wide range of co-curricular activities, excursions and festival celebrations. Nutritious meals are offered on a daily basis and health camps are organized as required.

Through these and other initiatives, Aseema reaches out to over 4000 children annually.
Action Against Hunger was created in August 2012, and is a not-for profit Indian organisation that promotes community based approaches for the management of acute malnutrition and works towards prevention, detection and treatment of malnutrition. It is India’s only foundation exclusively dedicated to child malnutrition.

Severe acute malnutrition, the most serious form of hunger, is deadly if left untreated and threatens millions of lives each year. For young children, the consequences of acute malnutrition are particularly severe and reach far into the future. Fight Hunger Foundation detect, treat and prevent acute malnutrition in children so they can regain their health and fulfil their potential.

Fight Hunger Foundation’s goal is to reach 3 million children and mothers by 2017.
The Foundation for Excellence (FFE) was founded in 1994 with a mission to provide college scholarships to students who, although financially constrained, showed great promise in the technological, engineering and medical fields, three of the most expensive higher education programs in India. Every single donor contribution is directed to the scholarships. Apart from FFE’s alumni, who support future scholars like themselves, donations come from all around the world from individual donors, corporations and foundations.
Girls Inspired For Tomorrow Foundation protects and empowers young girls from the Mumbai slum of Jamrumshinagar. Created in 2010, GIFT is the Indian partner of the French NGO, Un Toit A Bombay (UTAB), which provides sponsorships to educate the girls of the same slum since 2007.

The 115 girls from the age of 3 to 18 years are the focus of GIFT’s work. They are helped through 3 main actions at a kindergarten and day care centre which is opened from Monday to Saturday:
  • Sponsorship for education in good schools and tuitions classes.
  • Health care of the girls
  • Daily lunch and food rations
The Indian Rugby Football Union is a non-profit organization incorporated under Section 25 of the Indian Companies Act. It is the sole Governing Body for the sport of Rugby-Football in India and recognized by the Ministry of Youth Affairs & Sports, Government of India.

The awareness of Rugby as a sport is very low in India. The mission of Indian Rugby Football Union is to spread awareness and increase participation to improve the overall playing standard and competitiveness of Rugby across the country.

The World Rugby ‘Get Into Rugby’ (GIR) Programme is a global initiative to spread awareness of the sport and increase participation in India. The ‘Get Into Rugby’ (GIR) Programme in India has been introduced across all centres by targeting the youth through schools, colleges and the community.

In partnership with Rugby India, Societe Generale will help nurture talent and fuel interest for Rugby in the country from the grassroots, improving the overall playing standard and competitiveness of the sport. This partnership is part of the “Citizenship Programme” developed by Societe Generale, aiming to support underprivileged communities through education and sports in all countries where it operates.
Life Project 4 Youth (LP4Y) is founded by Laure and Jean-Marc Delaporte in December 2009 in the Philippines. It is an international federation accompanying the professional and social integration of young adult between 17 and 24 facing extreme poverty and exclusion.

At the heart of LP4Y lies a deep-seated concern with the catastrophic situation facing a growing number of excluded youth worldwide, as illustrated by a study carried out in the field. It turns out that these excluded young adults, who have managed to survive life in the streets have done so by developing some of the same skills as entrepreneurs. This became apparent to LP4Y’s founders over the course of one year who spent visiting major cities in 23 different countries. And all these young people need is a place where they can learn to channel those skills, allowing them to become active members of a decent world.

A group of friends, entrepreneurs and young people, in Europe and the USA, came together to create Life Project for Youth and decided to create Life Project Centers (LPCs) - incubators for entrepreneurial projects, close to the heart of slum areas, where excluded Young Adults receive all necessary support as they make their way towards social and professional inclusion.
Magic Bus works with children and youth living in poverty to ensure they complete secondary education, and develop the skills required to transition successfully into the world of work.

They believe that facilitating this journey from Childhood to Livelihood enables young people to break out of the poverty cycle. At present, they are working with 400,000 children across 22 states of India.
Samarthanam Trust for the Disabled is a non-profit engaged in empowering persons with disabilities and distress in socio-economic-cultural fronts through its various initiatives on Education, Livelihood, Environment, Health & Nutrition, Sports, Culture and Rehabilitation.
TIDE (Technology Informatics Design Endeavour) was founded in 1993 with the purpose of identifying concepts, prototypes and technologies that have been developed in various laboratories, adapt them where required and disseminate them to communities. Gradually, their work has evolved into holistic programs that included themes such as Women and Livelihood, Water & environment, energy efficiency and energy conservation and cookstoves.
VIDYA (Integrated Development for Youth and Adults) is a non-profit NGO started in 1985. They are a charitable organization that specializes in the education and empowerment of less-privileged children, youth and women through working with them at an individual level. They help communities by designing programs in a way that empowering one empowers the other.


Kids' Door is a non-profit organization dedicated to supporting children in Japan to grow in a fair and healthy environment, and helping them have hopes for a bright future. The organization was founded in January 2007, with the aim of "Realization of the society in which all children in Japan can have a hope and dream for future", and certified as an official NPO by the cabinet on October 2009. Kids' Door has been conducting various activities such as free educational support and events for children in Japan.

South Korea

Buk Bu was established in 1983 in South Korea with diversified charitable aims. Societe Generale mainly aims at supporting the projects that the charity carries out in the field of education.

Buk Bu Community Welfare Center's main activities as of today comprise:
  • Support the elderly living home alone, orphan children and low income groups
  • Free medical treatment (diagnosis & operation) from doctors
  • Job arrangements for the elderly
  • Day-care programs for disabled children
  • Educational support to children from low income families
  • Provide education to senior citizens and improve Korean literacy, English, computers and cultural activities
  • Support low income foreign females married to Korean men and help them assimilate into the Korean community


Fei Yue Community Services is a non-profit voluntary welfare organization established in 1996, with a mission to effect life transformation through the provision of quality social services. They are committed to serving and reaching out to the needy in Singapore through their diverse services and programmes. They believe in promoting social development among all ages, seek to inculcate the spirit of volunteerism in the community, and advocate strong family ties in the society. Their services and programmes, which are varied and cater to the needs of different client populations, include counselling, adoption, family life education, early intervention programmes for infants and children, services for youths, elderly, inmates and their families and research studies.

The term “Fei Yue” connotes the transformation process of a person when he overcomes his old ways of living, and assumes the qualities of a new person. Their logo is symbolic of a person undergoing such a transformation, crossing over from where he/she used to be to where he/she wants to be.
Societe Generale Singapore supports Passerelles Numeriques in Danang, Vietnam. PN is a non-profit organisation which is dedicated to helping young people from disadvantaged backgrounds obtain an education and qualified employment in the Information Technology sector.

Established in Cambodia, the Philippines and Vietnam, PN currently trains 545 students and hopes to train 750 over the next 3 years. It employs 75 people based in those countries and also has a small team in France. Soceiete Generale Singapore has partnered with PN in the following initiatives:

  • Cloud services evaluation and strategy
  • Guidance on setting up a computer lab room
  • Evaluation and assistance in establishing an IT security policy
  • Financial literacy education for students, which includes topics such as personal budget management and banking ecosystems
  • Professional Life Training Course for students to help them prepare resumes and for job interviews
  • Fund raising and donating books to establish a library
  • Improve their English through learning in the English Club


Taiwan Fund for Children & Families (TFCF) is a non-governmental organisation that dedicates itself to supporting needy children and their families with welfare and benefits.

TFCF is an independent organisation whose mission and vision remains on the consideration of needy children's benefits.TFCF is helping children in dire need not only within Taiwan but also in 34 other countries worldwide.