Asia Pacific Bike Ride 2017

121 employees raised over 130k EUR to support our charity partners in the 2017 Asia Pacific Bike Ride

After five months of preparation, enthusiastic bike riders across different offices got together in the Chiang Mai region in Thailand from 20-22 October 2017. Cycling through stunning landscape made up of meadows, hills, wooded mountains, rivers and wildlife, the two-day event not only pulled our employees from different locations closer but making a real impact to the community by raising funds to local charity partners.

Bringing staff together through the celebration of team spirit

The high spirit stayed beyond the bike ride, even for the first timer Johnny Bell, Director - Electronic Sales Trading, Equities & Derivatives who did an amazing job in being the top fund raiser this year,

"This was my first Societe Generale bike ride and it far exceeded all expectations. It was very good to see the constant interaction between the most senior and junior members of the bank without boundary - this was true team spirit! I plan to help out at other charity events for example the Citizen Commitment Day in Hong Kong - I heard that's a fun event and the children really get to enjoy themselves outside of their usual environment."


Pascal Lambert, Group Country Head, Singapore and Head of Societe Generale Corporate & Investment Banking, Southeast Asia & India, who started preparing himself since January, said,

Pascal Lambert (third from the right at the front) and the team from Singapore

"Being my first participation, I was getting somehow in the unknown in terms of fitness, and was glad to see that my efforts in past few months being useful. I am told this year might have been easier than previous year, I was therefore mentally prepared for a bit more in terms of physical challenge. I was also glad to see the great sense of togetherness and bonding that this yearly gathering creates."


For some, the bike ride is an annual ritual. According to Mukta Arya, Head of HR, Southeast Asia, this year's event was as memorable as ever,

Mukta Arya (third from the left) in high spirits at the start of bike ride

"The entire bike ride was memorable - from the group meals, team activities like feet hot springs, cultural shows to cycling through the beautiful and quiet lanes of Chiang Mai villages and city, the paddy fields, the colourful flowers by the riverside and little houses, the Temples and the city with history."

Supporting charity partners in Asia Pacific

With the collective efforts made at the bike ride throughout the years, we have constantly contributed to the birth of different community programmes created by our charity partners. Among them were Passerelles Numériques in Southeast Asia and Hans Andersen Club in Hong Kong. 

Presence: non-profit organization operating in Cambodia, the Philippines and Vietnam

Mission: to enable young underprivileged people to build their employability through education in the digital industry, breaking the poverty circle with 97% of their students manage to secure a job within 3 months of graduation, 55% of them being girls.

In 2016, our donations helped Passerelles Numériques Vietnam find the annual training budget for 4-5 students. In 2017, fund raised from the bike ride will mean full annual scholarships for 5 students.

"During my 2 years at Passerelles Numériques Vietnam, I've learnt many interesting things, gained a lot of knowledge and met new friends. We've grown up together, we take care of and support each other. PN is truly a gateway for a good job and great friendships,"

Tran Thi Yen Nhi, PN Vietnam, Class 2017

Presence: a charitable organization in Hong Kong

Mission: offering children the opportunity to enjoy holistic development and adapt to intellectual based society via storytelling, serving over 100,000 participants per year.

The donations from the bike ride have contributed to the creation of two initiatives developed by Hans Andersen Club, namely Story Tea House 2017 and Little Change Makers 2016.

"Societe Generale bike ride shows the team work, resilience and endurance of cyclists. It echoes the unfailing philanthropic partnership between the bank and Hans Andersen Club. HAC's children members are inspired and benefited by the good cause of these sportsmen. Applause to all volunteers involve, the lives of grassroots children are ignited by your love and care!"

Esther Chan, Public Relations Manager of Hans Andersen Club

The bike ride is the latest example of how Societe Generale is implementing its global community engagement efforts to support philanthropic, humanitarian and local community causes in Asia Pacific. This year, nearly 15,000 members of staff worldwide took part in initiatives organised by Societe Generale.