Bonjour India: Connecting with our clients through Art, Music and Culture

Societe Generale partners with Bonjour India 2017-2018 and offers its clients unique cultural experiences

As part of the Group's cultural patronage, Societe Generale in India partners with Bonjour India from November 2017 to March 2018 to cover 100 programmes and projects in 33 cities across 20 states and union territories with an aim to shape the next decade of human exchange between the two countries.

Caption: Among the performances, (1) Hakanai as well as (4) the Experience linked art and digital together, while (2) Venezia, (3) Hyleen and (5) The Paris Ballet Legends artists offered the audience iconic music shows such as Baroque, jazz and classical.

The 4-month event showcases the Indo-French collaboration in the fields of innovation, education, research, science and technology, art and culture.

Along with the field of classical music, contemporary art is one of the two cornerstones of the Societe Generale Group's cultural sponsorship policy. This policy has forged many ties between the worlds of art, music, business and society. With this ambition, Societe Generale is proud to support Bonjour India which aims to stimulate Indo-French collaborations and promote the artistic dynamism of French contemporary Art as well as its rich heritage, on the Indian territory.

Over the past month, Societe Generale clients and staff had the opportunity to come together, interact and experience a unique blend of Indo-French culture. It was artistic expression in its broadest scope, in major fields of visual arts, music, performing arts and culture. Many talented artists presented curated shows for the audience across India and Societe Generale was pleased to be able to offer our clients an unique experience in art and culture.

Running until the end of February, Bonjour India will continue to give a unique experience to our clients in terms of art and culture, but also of innovation and technology.