A Committed Partner in Arts and Culture

Societe Generale’s cultural sponsorship commitment goes back several decades. Since 1987, Societe Generale has gradually established itself as a key player in the world of music, offering support to hundreds of young musicians, orchestras and ensembles, and contributing to the expanding reach of classical music beyond its traditional audience. The Bank’s Contemporary Art Collection was initiated in 1995 when it moved to its new headquarters in La Defense, Paris.

Promoting the highest standards of creativity in both its banking and its cultural sponsorship initiatives, Societe Generale is not only a bank serving its clients and the economy; it is also a company with an active role in civil society.

Supporting young artists, musicians and ensembles

Societe Generale is establishing links between the business world, contemporary art and classical music to develop talent and connect with a wide audience. The Bank currently partners with 23 orchestras and ensembles, giving more than 1,000 concerts and performances every year globally.

In Asia Pacific, Societe Generale has been bringing talented French musicians to China – from cellist (Jean-Guihen Queyras), pianist (Fanny Azzuro and Clement Lefebvre), soprano (Ahlima and Marieke) to a cappella singing group (LVA).

Also, since 2009, Societe Generale has been supporting the largest international art festival in China – Croisements Festival, with specifically a concert of Philippe Jarrousky in 2014, a concert of “Mozart dans tous ses etats” performed by the Pygmalion and soprano Sabine Devieilhe in 2016, the concert “Baroque Carnival” presented by Le Poeme Harmonique in 2017, a concert by Les Siecles in 2018 and a performance by Reinoud Van Mechelen in 2019.

Societe Generale is also supporting music in India. In 2013, together with Akademia, a well-known European instrumental and vocal ensemble, the Bank has implemented a training programme helping young musicians to develop a choir and a chamber orchestra dedicated to baroque music. Open-to-all concerts are regularly hosted or supported, with the ambition to introduce children from NGOs to music.

Bringing music to all

Societe Generale involves its employees in cultural sponsorship activities and is committed to a long-term partnership with the world of contemporary art and classical music.

Each year on 21 June (World Music Day), Societe Generale transforms offices around the world into concert venues where professional and amateur musicians from the Bank are performing.

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